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Introducing our Ziplock Mylar Bags- the ultimate mixture of charm and safety in a packaging. Protect your dry goods, CBD products, and medicinal items with our exclusive moist resistance Mylar Packaging Bags, now with a child-safety lock. It is an ideal packaging solution that preserves the smell and taste of your product like none other packaging style. At Insta Custom Boxes, we are committed to ensuring your product safety at affordable rates. That is why we provide free design support with an unlimited range of designs, styles, and themes so that our customers can get the maximum benefits without spending any extra money. So, to get in contact with our design team, place your order now!

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What are Ziplock Mylar Bags?

Ziplock Mylar Bags are an exceptional manner of storage for products like dry fruits, medicinal products, candies, and CBD items. It is not only an out-of-the-box, and visually attractive storage method but also has phenomenal preservative benefits for the stored product. This trendy packaging allows you to get ahead in the competition with an increased value that it has to offer for your product in the market. Insta Custom Boxes offers free design support to all clients to help them take their packaging design to the top level without spending a single additional penny. So, get your ziplock packaging now!

Advantages of Mylar Ziplock Bags for Your Business! 

If you wish to take your food or CBD business on the road to success then Mylar Ziplock Bags are your ideal choice. Let's look into all the advantages this packaging has to offer:

High Durability 

The primary concern for every business is the protection and preservation of their product. Which Resealable Mylar Bags fit perfectly with, because this is the ideal most durable packaging option for edible items. Their built-in high resistance barriers prevents any harmful damage from the environment including air and moisture. That is why, mylar bags are known for high preservatory and resistance capability, which are two uncompromisable features of food packaging. 

High Flexibility 

One amazing factor about the mylar bags with ziplock is their unmatched flexibility. It enables the storage of larger quantities in smaller-sized mylar bags. Hence, also reducing the storage cost of the product. With these multi-facet qualities, these resealable mylar bags are replacing traditional styles of packaging especially when it comes to edibles and herbs. So, it is time for you to take your business to the next level as well. 

Tear-free Material

When it comes to herbs and cannabis product packaging you can also check our exotic weed bags that are the best option o store your weed and cannabis items, people usually prefer a packaging that cannot be torn so easily. In this case, ziplock mylar bags are a packaging style that you can definitely rely on. Increase the worth of your product in your customer’s eye with our tear-free mylar bags with ziplock packaging.

Prolonged Shelf Life

A prolonged shelf life is just the cherry on top feature that mylar bags have to offer. If you are dealing with any edible items your major concern is its expiration. Because if the product is not timely sold, it can get expired during storage, which is a loss for the brand. However, these mylar bags with ziplock feature now gives you an opportunity to maximize the shelf life of your mushroom chocolate bars and prevent any loss to your business. This property also increases the overall value of your product in the market.  

Cost-Effective Packaging

Now you can minimize any probable loss to your brand with our ziplock mylar packaging. In traditional packaging style, there is a higher chance of your product losing its freshness or crossing its expiration date because it is less durable. However, with our ziplock mylar packaging, you can decrease the risk of damage to your business by increasing product longevity.

Recyclable Packaging

The ziplock feature of mylar bags makes the packaging recyclable and reusable, that your customers can use repeatedly. With other enormous advantages, one prime advantage of this packaging is that you can also reduce the environmental impact of your brand on Earth. Moreover, a recycling label on your packaging would also attract an eco-friendly audience to your brand as well. 

Why Is Insta Custom Boxes Ideal for Your Custom Mylar Ziplock Bags?

Insta Custom Boxes are the best custom mylar ziplock bags suppliers in the market. We are committed to providing you with the best services that you will not find anywhere else. Here’s a list of benefits and free services that you can get by placing your order with us:

Quality Mylar Bags

We use the highest quality materials for the production of ziplock mylar packaging. Our premium mylar bags give your product durability and set you apart from the rest of the brands with their top-notch quality. 

Unlimited Design, Size, and Shape Options

Are you looking to create a packaging that has visual appeal, that fits your brand persona and attracts your target customers as well? Then do not worry, because we have a vast array of designs, size options, and shapes to choose from. Now you can create any design that you want with full freedom of customization. 

Free Design Support

Among the amazing benefits that we offer to our clients one of the best has to be free design support. We have a skilled design and market expert team that gives you free design consultation to create packaging that is in accordance with the brand’s requirements as well as meets the market trends. 

Resealable Feature 

Our high-quality ziplock system of Mylar Bags allows the product to last long and get more value out of money. A poor-quality ziplock feature will allow the penetration of air and moisture into the product causing a loss of freshness. This is why, we create mylar bags with top-notch quality ziplock systems to ensure the longevity of the product even after opening. 

Hygienic Packaging 

Keeping in mind the importance of hygiene for your edible products, we offer the most hygienic packaging. Because any exposure to pollutants would damage the quality of your product. So, we are committed to providing outstanding quality packaging that minimizes the risk of any breach through the packaging. 

35% Off On Your Order Today

Are you a business on a small packaging budget? Then worry not because we have an amazing deal that will not break your bank and will also help you create the premium-most packaging for your product. Because we are offering a flashing discount of 35% on your order today. So, grab our mylar ziplock bags wholesale bundle right now!

How To Place Your Order?

If you want to place your order for black mylar ziplock bags and get free shipping in the UK, USA, or Canada then give us a call at (484)-258-2355 or email us at sales@instacustomboxes.com. Or get started on your order immediately by filling out the quotation with the required info right now!

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