Luxury Candle Boxes Wholesale USA

In the candle business, Custom Candle Boxes play a vital role. Candle Boxes are widely used in the candle business for shipping, packing, storing, and presenting products. The Candle Box seems to virtually represent the sentiments and common sense of gifting presents.

The appealing Candle Packaging, on the other hand, communicates to consumers the industry’s genuine dedication. Furthermore, the Candle Packaging will transform the product’s appearance from plain to appealing. As a result, premium Candle Boxes Wholesale creates a distinct image of the goods to amaze clients.

Custom Candle Boxes Wholesale USA

At your request, Insta Custom Boxes has created the most beautiful Custom candle boxes ever! We offer everything you need for packaging, and candle boxes are our expertise. We understand the necessity to encapsulate the fragrant bundles of surrealism within candle boxes and produce Boxes that meets the needs of the product. We don’t simply concentrate on earning our business’s value; we also attempt to contribute back to the world so that future generations may walk into a brighter tomorrow. Our containers are both biodegradable and durable, which is a unique combination. With something like candles, we appreciate the greater need for a physical appeal. We collaborate with a team of creative geniuses that specialize in marketing and visual design.

Kraft Candle Boxes Wholesale USA

Custom candle boxes are cardboard-based packing boxes that keep candles secure from being made until they’re transported to their ultimate destinations. Some candle packing boxes are designed to be stored between uses and survive for an extended period.

Custom Printed Candle Boxes USA

Candles are popular presents for both men and women and are given for anniversaries, graduations, holidays, and other occasions. As a result, there is a significant demand for this product and its packaging, which necessitates unique print themes and services and unique package design.

Custom Luxury Candle Boxes USA

Candles are the pinnacle of light, providing illumination to our life. Candles are used on various occasions, including birthday celebrations, wedding parties, and anniversary parties, among others. Furthermore, they are the most popular. Customize candle box packing for handwritten messages and varied quotations to give as gifts to your loved ones. Sizes, forms, patterns, and colors are all available with Insta custom boxes. Our firm employs well-trained employees and highly skilled designers that create unique candle boxes that make your goods stand out.

Personalized Candle Boxes USA

Candles have become an essential part of our daily life, and they may be used for both adornment and lighting. We’re here to assist you in attracting clients’ attention. As a result, packaging raises the significance and worth of your goods. Our packaging has a premium feel to it and exudes luxury, which is in great demand. At all flexible wholesale costs, we make the most remarkable and elegant custom printed candles boxes. You should use our services if you wish to appeal to your customers. For printing, we employ cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind, and advanced technology. You may also appeal to your clients by placing your business name on the wholesale candle boxes.

Candle Boxes With Window USA

You may be asking where you can acquire candle boxes. You’re at the right place at the right moment, so congratulations. You may contact one of our staff to get the finest candle packaging products, and they will handle the rest. Custom candle boxes come in a wide range of designs to make your special day even more memorable:

Custom Candle Boxes USA

As a result, we may conclude that packing aids in the increase of sales. We also provide a selection of custom-made candle boxes to make them more beautiful and appealing. You may also let us know if you have any thoughts about the tour. We offer a variety of unique candle packaging options, including:

Candle Boxes Wholesale USA

Custom printed candle boxes come in a variety of exquisite forms. We provide rigid, cardboard, and kraft packing boxes in quality materials. We believe in creating beautiful candle packaging. As a result, when your product reaches the stores, it immediately draws your target audience. On the boxes, offset printing produces the cleanest logo and product graphics. And when the encasement is adorned with glistening foil stamping, your packages instantly become opulent. With and without windows, Insta Custom Boxes create a more substantial selling effect. Now is the time to take advantage of our fantastic wholesale rates.

Cardboard Candle Boxes USA

Now, if you’re thinking of giving candles as a present, you’ll require a box of high-quality, budget-friendly candles. The good news is that we have you covered and can assist you! We provide candle box packaging that is inexpensive and accessible in some sizes and patterns for consumers to pick from.

2 Piece Candle Boxes USA

When you’re operating a company and competing against many other people, you need to understand how important packaging is to stand out and get sales. If you believe you can win the competition by employing bland and primary packaging, you live in a fantasy world. For all of your packaging requirements, custom packing boxes are the last and ultimate answer.

Printed Candle Boxes USA

In the marketing industry, these are the most acceptable ways to showcase your goods in shops and online. They are not only attractive, but they are also safe. You cannot compromise on the package quality to make your company or brand visible and influential. It must be faultless and exact. If you’re stumped and don’t know where to start, we can help.

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Featured Shapes & Styles

Featured Shapes

Tuck End Style

Makes the boxes easy to assemble
  • 1. Wholesale price starts from 250 pieces
  • 2. Fast Turnaround Time
  • 3. Various material thicknesses available
  • 4. Available in RTE and STE
Featured Shapes

Rectangular Shape

Gives simple yet elegant looks to boxes
  • 1. Available in custom sizes
  • 2. Full-color printing options
  • 3. Low minimum quantity
  • Full liberty to choose any finishing
Featured Shapes

Auto Lock Style

Enhances holding & offers fast packaging
  • 1. Custom made in any size & shape
  • 2. Free design assistance
  • 3. Free shipping on every order
  • 4. As low as $0.98.
Featured Shapes

Two Piece Style

Gives high end & premium looks to boxes
  • 1. Order in cardboard, Kraft or rigid
  • 2. Custom inserts available
  • 3. Quantities starting from 25
  • 4. Embossing and gold foiling available
Featured Shapes

Sleeve Style

Gives boxes slide-to-reveal unboxing
  • 1. Order in required dimensions & shape
  • 2. Delivery in 10–14 business days
  • 3. Built to order in cardboard, Kraft or rigid
  • 4. Order a sample to try

“Frequently Asked Questions”

Do you charge when inspecting my existing box design?

No! our professionals carefully check and validate every aspect of your box design free of cost before printing. However, if found any, you are immediately notified and necessary corrections are recommended.

As a packaging company operating worldwide and dealing with thousands of customers from different nations, we accept payments from all globally recognized mediums like Visa, Maestro, Master Card, American Express & PayPal to provide our customers complete ease in the ordering of boxes.

Our minimum order quantity starts from just 25 boxes.

We are the fastest out there. Our standard lead time is 10–14 business days but if you have an upcoming event or tradeshow and need rush delivery, then our expedited delivery option is available.

Not a problem! Just give us a call and our team of specialists will go over your preferences & place your order via telephone!

Of course, just put your required dimensions in our quote form and we will be happy to come up with the exact box size you want.

Yes, it will. Our quoted price is only with CMYK printing. Do let us know which Pantone colors youʼd like us to use and we will get back to you with new quote if required!

No, all boxes are shipped flat, except rigid boxes, to ensure easy assembly and also conserve your storage space.

Yes, prior to production, we send you a 3D proof of your box design for validation so you can review it for changes. If any changes are required, weʼll work with you on the details until you say itʼs just right without any charges.

What You Always Get

Free Design Assistance

Customizing Cosmetic Boxes to your exact specifications is no-brainer with our expert's help. From assistance in technical aspects like size determination, material thickness selection to artwork consultation, we entitle you to put forth your requirements in designing a custom box that best fits your needs.

Either you provide us with a rough sketch, existing graphic or merely a design idea, we will do all the artwork necessary to create a box design that complies with your provided inspirations.

Order Required Quantity

With our minimum order quantity starting as low as 25 and producing many orders upwards of 50,000+ quantities and well over 5 million custom printed boxes produced a month, we can fulfil all your box quantity needs with confidence.

Be confident that no matter how small the size of your order, the quality of each box is top-notch along with all the benevolences like free shipping, free design assistance, free 3D prototypes, no die plate charges, and fastest turnaround is guaranteed.

Low Prices Guaranteed

Not only does YBY Boxes make it easy and simple for you to get custom Cosmetic Boxes created according to your specifications but we also offer them at wholesale prices. How do we offer them at affordable prices? We are not a broker or reseller; our in-house printing facility helps to keep our prices always low. No extra charges for shipping and die-plates are incurred.

Moreover, we have been assisting thousands of businesses to get bulk quantity custom-orders on-time, and at most competitive prices along with special discount offers.

Insta Custom Boxes Finishing Assortment



Great for giving a rich, slick, shiny, & vibrant look to boxes.



Perfect for giving boxes a textured surface & soft touch


Foil Stamping

Provides a ritzy touch and pop-up specific area on boxes.


AQ coating

Prevent boxes from smudges, dirt, fingerprints & give wet look.


Pearlescent Coating

Gives smoothness and shimmer to boxes with a spectrum of rainbow.


Spot UV

Express subtle contrast on specific area of boxes. Suitable to highlight text.


Embossing & Debossing

Give raised or pressed feel to particular design elements of printing.


Food Grade Coating

Prevent boxes from moisture, sogginess, & biological contamination.

Select Stock Type & Thickness

Stock Type


Gives the box a smooth texture for desired printing outcome & easy foldability.

Best for: Creams & Lotions
Stock Type


Makes the box recyclable and tear-resistant

Best for: Mascaras & Eyeliners
Stock Type


Bestows the box with high-end appearance & luxurious feel

Best for: Lip Gloss & Lipsticks
Stock Type


Provides extra robustness and structural strength to boxes

Best for: Lip Balm & Lip Liners