Custom Pillow Boxes USA

Custom Printed Pillow Boxes are a great way to add style and functionality to your home. These strangely shaped boxes in the style of pillows serve two purposes: they provide a fashionable touch and are pretty functional. Pillow Box packaging is not particular to any sector or product, yet it can be adjusted to offer a completely new design without making it seem uninteresting. It all boils down to finding the correct packing service provider.

Pillow Boxes Wholesale USA

Pillow boxes made to order may be utilised in a variety of ways. You may use them to package any sort of goods. You might, for example, use it for packaging a present. If you wish to give a cosmetics item to a loved one, you may do it in a pillow box. Furthermore, if you need to send huge products, you may use large pillow boxes. As a result, pillow boxes are utilised in large quantities nowadays. As a result, Insta Custom Boxes offers a broad range of cushion packing to its clients and merchants. If you own a large company and want a large number of wholesale pillow boxes, you’ve come to the perfect spot. We will make unique pillow boxes for you.

Printed Pillow Boxes USA

Insta Custom Boxes’ packaging experts Create one-of-a-kind pillow boxes that leave a lasting impression.
Insta Unique Boxes offers a complete line of Pillow Box Packaging in various custom colours, styles, and sizes. We can help you make custom printed pillow boxes with your logo and promote your business image in the market using our newest printing process. We provide such excellent printing and packaging services that they will become the distinguishing feature of your brand. Once your consumers see how you encased your goods, they will instantly assume it is high quality. After all, only the most valuable items are kept secure in attractive containers.

Large Pillow Boxes Wholesale USA

Only a few businesses are unable to benefit from a custom-designed pillow box. According to the majority of product and consumer products companies, logo Printed Pillow Boxes are worth every cent they cost to produce.

Pillow Boxes Bulk USA

Nowadays, design is fundamental in the packaging of anything, even pillows. We have a group of talented designers on staff. They are experts in their chosen professions. As a result, you may request unique designs for your pillow boxes. They are always there to assist you with your cushion packing design. You may also personalise your custom printed boxes according to your preferences. Simply describe your envisioned unique pillow box concept. We’ll put your brilliant concept into custom pillow boxes for you. However, if you don’t have any ideas for custom pillow packing, you may choose any design from our archives. We offer a fantastic assortment of pillow pack packing.

Kraft Pillow Boxes Wholesale USA

All Kinds of Things are Encased in Multipurpose Custom Printed Pillow Boxes Wholesale. Our Wholesale custom pillow boxes printing and packaging services can accommodate all of your demands, from bakeries to fashion, crafts to custom gift boxes, and everything in between. According to the customers ‘ specifications, we make these attractive boxes out of the best stock materials, such as paperboard, kraft sheets, and cardboard.

Custom Printed Pillow Boxes USA

Engaging graphics printed on the unique structure of bespoke pillow boxes give items a diacritic appearance. We have a fantastic team of designers on hand to help you. They can assist you in creating a distinctive design for your custom pillow boxes that will make an impression on passers-by and improve product presentation. Allow them to utilise their creativity and creative attitude for recommending the most current and appealing design possibilities from our collection for your custom pillow boxes, bringing your goods and brand to the forefront. With your company logo and other branding components printed on the appealing structure of bespoke pillow boxes, you may increase brand awareness and rise above the competition.

Pillow Boxes For Hair Extensions USA

Such printed boxes may be found at InstaCustomBoxes. Why? For increased visibility, our branding experts assist you in picking significant colour combinations for your logo, business name, and punchlines. Then, to help your business stand out, we employ cutting-edge gear to print your branding components on the roomy structure of bespoke pillow boxes. It’s not finished yet. We use modern foil stamping gear to punch your branding features in gold foil on your bespoke pillow boxes to help reinforce your brand image.

Personalised Pillow Boxes USA

Pillow wholesale boxes have the benefit of being able to be tailored to match the product inside. Like those used for scarves, the pillow product packaging may be printed with clothing designs or a primary designer logo. If the product is organic, a natural brown pillow box with a printed label and a rope will look fantastic. But, if it’s going to be a gift box, it may be foiled or engraved and adorned with pretty ribbons and voilà! You have a pillow box with a present inside. Pillow boxes are an excellent option for your goods because of their ease of use and proven dependability.

Custom Pillow Box Packaging USA

Material is an essential aspect of packaging. It is also more critical in the case of personalised pillow boxes. Because it must include a diversity of items. There are pillow boxes for hair extensions, just as there are pillow boxes for hair extensions. It’s kept safe in this box. Pillow boxes with a transparent window, on the other hand, are used to exhibit merchandise. We also offer pillow boxes with handles for gift packing. As a result, you’ll have no trouble transporting your stuff. As a result, Insta Bespoke Boxes provides a diverse range of materials for custom pillow boxes. As a result, you may make your choice based on your requirements. The following is a list of the items on the list:

Corrugated Pillow Boxes USA

Custom pillow boxes and Kraft pillow box packaging with brand details and information are delightful and enticing. These custom printed pillow boxes are pillow-style boxes designed exclusively for the packaging of a variety of small and large gift items such as jewellery, trinkets, and other similar items. They can also package soap and gifts for special occasions such as bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, and other similar circumstances. These boxes are available from Insta Custom Boxes in various forms, sizes, and patterns, with free delivery available across the United States.

Pillow Boxes Packaging USA

Other shapes and designs of custom printed pillow boxes are available at Insta Custom Boxes, such as Kraft Boxes and Kraft White Boxes.
To obtain a rapid price on the entire spectrum of pillow box packing, contact our specialists at Insta Custom Boxes. Our structural designers are always eager to develop something unique for each of their customers. The most significant part about them is that they can take your brand beyond traditional rectangular boxes to bring it to life. All you have to do now is make your way to our door, and we will equip you with not only the finest but also the desired! Our customer service representatives can guide you through the whole procedure.

Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale USA

Among the numerous firms operating in the industry, ours is the best “custom pillow box” supplier. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with high-quality designs. Boxes are manufactured with high-quality materials to protect your goods from danger and damage. To promote demand for your goods, we provide a variety of diverse and unique designs for your pillow boxes.

Custom Pillow Boxes With Logo USA

Different types of custom cushion packing are required for additional items. You want to fill the box with clothes material and decorate it with clothing printing. Alternatively, just use the brand’s emblem, which you may put on the chest and tie with a rope for an organic product. It will appear friendly and attract buyers’ attention. Therefore these boxes are ideal for presents.

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Featured Shapes & Styles

Featured Shapes

Tuck End Style

Makes the boxes easy to assemble
  • 1. Wholesale price starts from 250 pieces
  • 2. Fast Turnaround Time
  • 3. Various material thicknesses available
  • 4. Available in RTE and STE
Featured Shapes

Rectangular Shape

Gives simple yet elegant looks to boxes
  • 1. Available in custom sizes
  • 2. Full-color printing options
  • 3. Low minimum quantity
  • Full liberty to choose any finishing
Featured Shapes

Auto Lock Style

Enhances holding & offers fast packaging
  • 1. Custom made in any size & shape
  • 2. Free design assistance
  • 3. Free shipping on every order
  • 4. As low as $0.98.
Featured Shapes

Two Piece Style

Gives high end & premium looks to boxes
  • 1. Order in cardboard, Kraft or rigid
  • 2. Custom inserts available
  • 3. Quantities starting from 25
  • 4. Embossing and gold foiling available
Featured Shapes

Sleeve Style

Gives boxes slide-to-reveal unboxing
  • 1. Order in required dimensions & shape
  • 2. Delivery in 10–14 business days
  • 3. Built to order in cardboard, Kraft or rigid
  • 4. Order a sample to try

“Frequently Asked Questions”

Do you charge when inspecting my existing box design?

No! our professionals carefully check and validate every aspect of your box design free of cost before printing. However, if found any, you are immediately notified and necessary corrections are recommended.

As a packaging company operating worldwide and dealing with thousands of customers from different nations, we accept payments from all globally recognized mediums like Visa, Maestro, Master Card, American Express & PayPal to provide our customers complete ease in the ordering of boxes.

Our minimum order quantity starts from just 25 boxes.

We are the fastest out there. Our standard lead time is 10–14 business days but if you have an upcoming event or tradeshow and need rush delivery, then our expedited delivery option is available.

Not a problem! Just give us a call and our team of specialists will go over your preferences & place your order via telephone!

Of course, just put your required dimensions in our quote form and we will be happy to come up with the exact box size you want.

Yes, it will. Our quoted price is only with CMYK printing. Do let us know which Pantone colors youʼd like us to use and we will get back to you with new quote if required!

No, all boxes are shipped flat, except rigid boxes, to ensure easy assembly and also conserve your storage space.

Yes, prior to production, we send you a 3D proof of your box design for validation so you can review it for changes. If any changes are required, weʼll work with you on the details until you say itʼs just right without any charges.

What You Always Get

Free Design Assistance

Customizing Cosmetic Boxes to your exact specifications is no-brainer with our expert's help. From assistance in technical aspects like size determination, material thickness selection to artwork consultation, we entitle you to put forth your requirements in designing a custom box that best fits your needs.

Either you provide us with a rough sketch, existing graphic or merely a design idea, we will do all the artwork necessary to create a box design that complies with your provided inspirations.

Order Required Quantity

With our minimum order quantity starting as low as 25 and producing many orders upwards of 50,000+ quantities and well over 5 million custom printed boxes produced a month, we can fulfil all your box quantity needs with confidence.

Be confident that no matter how small the size of your order, the quality of each box is top-notch along with all the benevolences like free shipping, free design assistance, free 3D prototypes, no die plate charges, and fastest turnaround is guaranteed.

Low Prices Guaranteed

Not only does YBY Boxes make it easy and simple for you to get custom Cosmetic Boxes created according to your specifications but we also offer them at wholesale prices. How do we offer them at affordable prices? We are not a broker or reseller; our in-house printing facility helps to keep our prices always low. No extra charges for shipping and die-plates are incurred.

Moreover, we have been assisting thousands of businesses to get bulk quantity custom-orders on-time, and at most competitive prices along with special discount offers.

Insta Custom Boxes Finishing Assortment



Great for giving a rich, slick, shiny, & vibrant look to boxes.



Perfect for giving boxes a textured surface & soft touch


Foil Stamping

Provides a ritzy touch and pop-up specific area on boxes.


AQ coating

Prevent boxes from smudges, dirt, fingerprints & give wet look.


Pearlescent Coating

Gives smoothness and shimmer to boxes with a spectrum of rainbow.


Spot UV

Express subtle contrast on specific area of boxes. Suitable to highlight text.


Embossing & Debossing

Give raised or pressed feel to particular design elements of printing.


Food Grade Coating

Prevent boxes from moisture, sogginess, & biological contamination.

Select Stock Type & Thickness

Stock Type


Gives the box a smooth texture for desired printing outcome & easy foldability.

Best for: Creams & Lotions
Stock Type


Makes the box recyclable and tear-resistant

Best for: Mascaras & Eyeliners
Stock Type


Bestows the box with high-end appearance & luxurious feel

Best for: Lip Gloss & Lipsticks
Stock Type


Provides extra robustness and structural strength to boxes

Best for: Lip Balm & Lip Liners