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At Insta Custom Boxes, we understand that packaging is more than just a box. It is your first point of connection to the customer and a first impression of your brand. We effectively convey the brand's message to their customer by providing the best packaging solutions. Our globally spread clientele is proof of our quality services and credibility. Discover how our team of experts is the best in the market to design the best packaging for your product.

Boost Your Business with Our Custom Boxes

We at Insta Custom Boxes are committed to providing the best services to our clients. So, we offer our clients full freedom to customize their packaging. We provide a number of customization options from the packaging material to its design, color scheme, and finishing. Design the best custom boxes for your product by contacting us right now!

Wide Range of Material Options

We deal with a variety of industries and every industry requires a specific type of packaging material. The material also varies from product to product. Heavier products require a sturdy material that would not tear and intricate products require different materials. So, we make sure our clients have a wide range of materials to choose from. The material options that we are currently offering include

Kraft Boxes

This is an eco-friendly packaging option and they have the capacity to store lightweight products. Therefore, kraft boxes are very popular in the cosmetic industry. Organic and sustainable brands often opt for Kraft Packaging. Bath Soaps Packaging, Bath Bombs Packaging, and other Cosmetic Packaging are commonly seen in Kraft Box Packaging.

Corrugated Boxes

These are heavy-duty boxes, designed to store heavy products or machinery. The boxes that are used in shipment are Corrugated Boxes because this is the most sturdy packaging material. This material is also plant-based and biodegradable like Kraft. 

Cardboard Boxes

The cardboard material is by far the most versatile material used in almost all industries. The specialty of Cardboard Packaging is that it offers unlimited customization options. So, the brands who want to print bold designs or color scheme usually opts for Cardboard Box Packaging. Cardboard is a sturdier material than Kraft and it stores lightweight to mediumweight products. 

Rigid Boxes

The rigid material is used in premium and high-end packaging. The Rigid Boxes are used for storing watches, jewelry, and other intricate accessories. The rigid packaging has cushioning inside the box, which keeps the products undamaged during storage and shipment. So, it is the safest material for storing intricate items. The brands opt for minimal printing of brand logos to enhance the elegance and beauty of these boxes.

Make Your Product Stand Out with Holographic Boxes

The younger businesses are gravitating towards Holographic Packaging. It attracts a younger group of people as well as older ones. We specialize in providing the most beautiful and eye-catching Holographic Boxes. They are perfect at drawing customer’s attention even from a distance. The best packaging in today’s day and age is the one, which stands out from the rest. The holographic design packaging is undoubtedly the best in that regard.

Make Your Product Eye-catching with Mailer Boxes

We offer unlimited customization options to our clients to make their products stand out even from a distance. Our design team ensures the packaging design is not only according to the brand’s requirement but also meet the latest market trends. Our team of experts helps our client every step of the way to give the best packaging solution. We offer innovative and attractive quality packaging designs that you cannot get anywhere else. Our Mailer Boxes with inserts are a hit with our global clientele. So, if you are looking for a packaging style that is out of the ordinary then get these boxes right away! 

Enhance the beauty of Custom Packaging Boxes with Add-ons

Add-ons are the perfect way to create creative packaging boxes for your product at a low price. Adding window cutting to your box gives a sneak peek of your product to the client. Being able to see the product creates a premium and quality image of the product in the customer’s mind. It is also a great way for a brand to gain the credibility and trust of the customer. Moreover, the Custom Packaging Boxes with window cutting is also a cost-effective customization option. If you are a brand on a budget, then get window cuttings in the kraft boxes. It is not only a money saver but also gives elegance and an organic look to the box. This organic aesthetic is very in trend especially in the cosmetic industry right now so grab yours now!

Get Eco-Friendly Packaging with our Kraft Boxes

We understand the riding need for eco-friendly products and packaging. More customers are becoming environmentally conscious. They want to take care of their environment by reducing their carbon footprint. This is why, people are gravitating towards eco-friendly products. There is a rising demand in this market. So, we make sure we also cater to our environmentally conscious brands who are striving to minimize their impact on Earth. We offer eco-friendly packaging materials for our clients that include Kraft and Corrugated. These are plant-based materials and are sustainably sourced. They are also biodegradable, and recyclable materials. Grab your eco-friendly packaging now at a minimal cost! 

Get a Free Design Consultation

We offer cost-effective services to the best of our ability. We have a team of experts working 24/7 only to provide free design consultation to our clients. The clients are given complete freedom to design the product packaging according to their vision and requirements. But we also make sure to give our expert opinion in order to optimize the packaging according to the market trends. So that your product stands out from the rest of the products. Moreover, we make sure the client is part of the designing and printing process every step of the way. Enjoy the perks of free-of-cost design consultation with us right now!

Get a Flashing 35% discount right now

We are offering a special 35% discount to our clients on wholesale purchases. You don’t have to worry about large-scale purchases because we have special bulk bundles that our clients can take advantage of. What better way to save some money when you are getting more quantity for less money? This means you can get quality packaging for cheap now. Do not let go of this opportunity and get your Custom Boxes Wholesale NOW!

Fast Delivery and Turnaround Time

We are known to be quick among our worldwide clientele. So, we make sure to provide the fastest services to our clients. You can receive your order within 10-14 days. But we also offer expedited delivery if you want an urgent delivery for an upcoming event. 

Save Money Through Our Free Shipping

Our mission is to cater to our clients in the best possible way so, we offer free shipping in the US, UK, and Canada. If you are a brand looking to create budget-friendly packaging in this region then look nowhere as we got you covered. Who thought packaging could be this cheap? Our aim as a packaging company is to provide the highest quality material at minimal cost to our clients. Therefore, grab our Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale and enjoy a flashing discount of 35% and free shipping right now!


1. Do you have an international shipping policy?

Yes, we ship internationally, with free shipping in the US, UK, and Canada. 

2. What is your delivery time for an order? 

Our delivery time is 10-14 days. But, we also offer expedited delivery for an even faster delivery option. 

3. What are the payment methods that you are accepting?

We accept a variety of payment methods, including Visa, Master Card, Maestro, PayPal, and American Express to cater to our clients globally. 

4. What is the minimum order quantity that you take?

The minimum order quantity we offer is 25 boxes. 

5. How can I see samples of your custom packaging before placing an order?

Contact our customer service team to request box samples, and they will provide you with the required packaging samples at your doorsteps. After that, you can get started on your design packaging. 

6. How can I contact your customer support team if I have more questions?

Our customer service agents are available 24/7 to solve all your queries. Call us at (484)-258-2355 right now if you have any more questions.

Customer Reviews

“Frequently Asked Questions”

Do you charge when inspecting my existing box design?

No! our professionals carefully check and validate every aspect of your box design free of cost before printing. However, if found any, you are immediately notified and necessary corrections are recommended.

What payment methods do you accept?

As a packaging company operating worldwide and dealing with thousands of customers from different nations, we accept payments from all globally recognized mediums like Visa, Maestro, Master Card, American Express & PayPal to provide our customers complete ease in the ordering of boxes.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity starts from just 25 boxes.

How long will it take to process my box order?

We are the fastest out there. Our standard lead time is 10–14 business days but if you have an upcoming event or tradeshow and need rush delivery, then our expedited delivery option is available.

Can I place an order on call?

Not a problem! Just give us a call and our team of specialists will go over your preferences & place your order via telephone!

Can I get the box in a custom size?

Of course, just put your required dimensions in our quote form and we will be happy to come up with the exact box size you want.

Will it cost more to print in Pantone?

Yes, it will. Our quoted price is only with CMYK printing. Do let us know which Pantone colors youʼd like us to use and we will get back to you with new quote if required!

Will my boxes arrive pre-assembled?

No, all boxes are shipped flat, except rigid boxes, to ensure easy assembly and also conserve your storage space.

Do you send free proofs?

Yes, prior to production, we send you a 3D proof of your box design for validation so you can review it for changes. If any changes are required, weʼll work with you on the details until you say itʼs just right without any charges.