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Featured Shapes & Styles

Auto Lock Box - Box Style

Auto Lock Box - Box Style

Pre-Glued Factory Assembled Bottom Boxes
  • 1. Do not require adhesive
  • 2. Self-Locking
  • 3. Best to hold retail products
  • 4. Convenience
Display Box - Box Style

Display Box - Box Style

Display Boxes - showcase products
  • Display the products on counter of shelves
  • Pack desired number of products/boxes.

“Frequently Asked Questions”

Do you charge when inspecting my existing box design?

No! our professionals carefully check and validate every aspect of your box design free of cost before printing. However, if found any, you are immediately notified and necessary corrections are recommended.

What payment methods do you accept?

As a packaging company operating worldwide and dealing with thousands of customers from different nations, we accept payments from all globally recognized mediums like Visa, Maestro, Master Card, American Express & PayPal to provide our customers complete ease in the ordering of boxes.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity starts from just 25 boxes.

How long will it take to process my box order?

We are the fastest out there. Our standard lead time is 10–14 business days but if you have an upcoming event or tradeshow and need rush delivery, then our expedited delivery option is available.

Can I place an order on call?

Not a problem! Just give us a call and our team of specialists will go over your preferences & place your order via telephone!

Can I get the box in a custom size?

Of course, just put your required dimensions in our quote form and we will be happy to come up with the exact box size you want.

Will it cost more to print in Pantone?

Yes, it will. Our quoted price is only with CMYK printing. Do let us know which Pantone colors youʼd like us to use and we will get back to you with new quote if required!

Will my boxes arrive pre-assembled?

No, all boxes are shipped flat, except rigid boxes, to ensure easy assembly and also conserve your storage space.

Do you send free proofs?

Yes, prior to production, we send you a 3D proof of your box design for validation so you can review it for changes. If any changes are required, weʼll work with you on the details until you say itʼs just right without any charges.

Window Packaging Boxes Wholesale USA

A client might learn a lot from the pictures on the cardboard packaging. It can tell you how a product looks, the colours it uses, and the impression it produces, which may be enough to convince buyers to buy the product in certain situations, but not always.

Frequently, a person wants to hold the goods in his or her hand before deciding it. As a producer, you can’t enable customers to touch your interests whatever they like for obvious reasons. Allowing customers to see inside the goods is the next best thing to make them happy. How? Of course, with personalized window boxes. Customers can examine the goods inside the box without putting themselves in danger. Therefore it’s a win-win scenario for everyone.

Custom Window Packaging Supplier USA

A personalized window box made of high-quality materials may show your goods in the most attractive way possible. Furthermore, these boxes may entice buyers with only a glance instead of an image that they can ignore since they are a physical thing with a more significant effect. You still don’t trust us? Recall your childhood visit to a toy shop. How often did you ask your parents for a new toy that sat on the shelf in a special window box where you could view it but not touch it because it looked far too fantastic? Isn’t it too many times to count? Custom window wholesale boxes are a packaging method that has shown to be effective in the toy market, but it may also be used for other items. And trust us when we say that if you do it well, people will purchase your stuff.

Custom Window Packaging Boxes USA

We can make the best quality cardboard window boxes at Insta Custom Boxes. You may also choose your stock material. At Insta Custom Boxes, we believe that nothing shows your goods better than a box that is specifically designed for it. We also guarantee that our graphics and design professionals will build the ideal design to enhance the allure of your goods and entice customers to buy them. Until the final user unwraps your interests, our sturdy packaging services can keep it safe. We have designs in our box collection that can present your items in various attractive circumstances, or we can turn your concept into a custom packing box.

Custom Window Boxes Wholesale USA

Were you looking for bespoke window packing boxes or distinctive packaging for your product? We do, however, offer a single answer to all of your difficulties. Custom window box packaging is a unique technique to catch consumers’ attention. Furthermore, the distinctive window package design plays an essential part in promoting your goods and increasing sales. According to the requirement of the product, the window may be of any size and form.

Window boxes are constructed of cardboard that may be used to package various things. The die-cut glass distinguishes the box and enables the customer to inspect the goods. The glass is constructed of translucent plastic, allowing the customer to choose from various items. Custom window boxes are available in a wide range of styles. Any of your products may be made in different designs and sizes.

Custom Printed Window Boxes USA

The specialists at Insta custom Boxes use a strategy called “showing the goods and influencing the buying decision” to attract prospects and persuade them to try. People are drawn to the product’s appearance; therefore, Custom Window Packaging Boxes are helpful in showing the goods while protecting them from environmental concerns such as dust and extreme weather. The design team comprises specialists who work together to develop a unique design and form. For years, we have been one of the most outstanding packaging firms, assisting company owners in presenting items with elegance. As a result, choosing us is a good choice for making a long-lasting impression on clients and retaining them.

Custom Window Display Boxes USA

A custom packing box with a window is a kind of folding carton that allows customers to have direct eye contact with the goods without touching them. When they arrive flat, all you have to do is shape them, wrap the product you wish to bundle within, and display them for your target audience to observe and be charmed by. These custom constructed boxes with windows are a combination of creativity, technology, and art that come in various configurations and can be used to package a variety of items. The manufacturing techniques for making window packing boxes are basic and straightforward. First, a suitable style for the bespoke box is picked that best suits the contents to be packed. Then there’s the crucial step when things start to become interesting. The window is cut out from the top or side of the box in the desired proportions at this point. Depending on your needs, you may choose rectangular, circular, oval, heart-shaped, and other window shapes. After that, transparent polythene, PET (polyester), or vinyl patch is attached to the cut-out area, allowing for a clear view of the contents within. After that, further decorations and add-ons, including hang tabs, ribbon pulls, and handles, are applied to your custom-designed box with a window to give it the finishing touch. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Window Gift Boxes Wholesale USA

Custom Kraft window boxes may have a significant impact on your clients. Kraft boxes are regarded for being the most cost-effective boxes for product packaging. The most fantastic technique to get your goods on the shelf of any retail shop is to pack boxes with a window. The goods will be appealing and visible from the window, allowing consumers to swiftly assess their quality. Kraft boxes with windows are often used for product display and product safety, allowing the customer to easily affect the goods without touching them.

Window Gift Box Packaging USA

Insta Custom Boxes creates custom-designed kraft paper boxes with full-colour printing and windows that come in various sizes and designs. Printing on the glass and foil stamping, embossing, and UV spot treatment are all options. Our goods feature an unrivalled window box experience. Individual packing of Kraft window frames provides versatility and brightness to the market. We have a lot of expertise in putting together high-quality boxes. Place these window boxes with skillfully designed distinctive patterns, colour schemes, views, and add-ons on windows to captivate spectators. Use textured artisan finishes to excite your consumers with the Kraft window box design. We provide various solutions for our clients to receive the best packaging for their goods from the top packaging business in the United States.

Printed Window Packaging USA

Window boxes are used to showcase the objects more prominently. A few products on the market need direct interaction with clients to build the business. For them, window packaging is the best option. Whether you need to bring a food item or a non-palatable item, they ensure that your openness is not hampered. Custom window boxes are becoming the preferred option for businesses worldwide. Their acceptance is based on their attractive style and professional presentation.

Custom Window Packaging USA

They present your things in such a way that no further embellishment is necessary. Insta Custom Boxes is always thinking about our customers’ needs, which is why we provide a variety of customization choices for your Window Boxes. Your business imperatives can print the boxes for you. Your optimal determinations may be used to add thickness and other metrics. Insta Custom Boxes is aware of the materials’ strength and the type of inks required for printing bundling boxes. Excellent printing materials and the finest inks are used in this fashion. Window boxes and die-cut window boxes are used to highlight certain goods. Customers may see the item’s naked form via the glass of these bundling boxes.

Window Boxes Wholesale USA

Custom window boxes are the ideal method to offer your product to a consumer since the window product has direct contact with the customer, making it more straightforward for the buyer to determine whether or not to purchase the goods. Our company’s highly skilled producers produce custom window boxes. Our firm, Insta Custom Boxes, offers outstanding packaging solutions in the form of window packaging to our clients. Window boxes come in various shapes and sizes, including retail boxes, corrugated boxes, die-cut boxes, and other types. These boxes should be made from high-quality cardboard or kraft paper. The primary attention should be on the package window, which may be constructed of various high-quality materials and allows the product to be seen through them. Custom boxes are available in multiple forms, sizes, and colours. Our organization has window boxes in various sizes for packing items ranging from tiny to big and extremely large.

Window Box Packaging USA

Custom Printed Window Packaging Boxes at Wholesale Prices in the United States. Window boxes with custom designs are popular for showing the true beauty of the contents. Furthermore, shops are finishing up their packing, storage, and display requirements. In addition, the brand logo is printed on these boxes. This is creating inexhaustible brand awareness. These boxes, on the other hand, have an allure. This elicits an emotional response from customers.

Window Display Boxes USA

Custom Printed Window Boxes are an excellent way to establish a brand. It also includes the brand logo, which gives the bundle an exquisite appearance—this aids in attracting customers. Cosmetics, apparel, bakery, and medication are good candidates for such packaging. Similarly, this kind of packaging, which has a professional appearance, makes the brand stand out.

Printed Window Boxes USA

Furthermore, using Window Packaging, you may creatively convey your affection. This is the most significant wrapping paper for any kind of gift. Moreover, Kraft Packaging is strong and long-lasting. Your brand is becoming more well-known as a result of these package characteristics.

Window Box Printing USA

On the other hand, these boxes have the environmentally beneficial feature of being 100 per cent recyclable. Furthermore, they are pretty easy to modify with numerous changes. As a result, these glass boxes are suitable for unique product packaging. Insta Custom Boxes, on the other hand, provides cheap packaging with high-quality materials. We make sure that these boxes are helpful in keeping track of your company spending.

Custom Window Boxes USA

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What You Always Get

Free Design Assistance

Customizing Cosmetic Boxes to your exact specifications is no-brainer with our expert's help. From assistance in technical aspects like size determination, material thickness selection to artwork consultation, we entitle you to put forth your requirements in designing a custom box that best fits your needs.

Either you provide us with a rough sketch, existing graphic or merely a design idea, we will do all the artwork necessary to create a box design that complies with your provided inspirations.

Order Required Quantity

With our minimum order quantity starting as low as 25 and producing many orders upwards of 50,000+ quantities and well over 5 million custom printed boxes produced a month, we can fulfil all your box quantity needs with confidence.

Be confident that no matter how small the size of your order, the quality of each box is top-notch along with all the benevolences like free shipping, free design assistance, free 3D prototypes, no die plate charges, and fastest turnaround is guaranteed.

Low Prices Guaranteed

Not only does Insta Custom Boxes make it easy and simple for you to get custom Cosmetic Boxes created according to your specifications but we also offer them at wholesale prices. How do we offer them at affordable prices? We are not a broker or reseller; our in-house printing facility helps to keep our prices always low. No extra charges for shipping and die-plates are incurred.

Moreover, we have been assisting thousands of businesses to get bulk quantity custom-orders on-time, and at most competitive prices along with special discount offers.

Insta Custom Boxes Finishing Assortment



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Perfect for giving boxes a textured surface & soft touch



Provides a ritzy touch and pop-up specific area on boxes.



Prevent boxes from smudges, dirt, fingerprints & give wet lo ... Read more



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Express subtle contrast on specific area of boxes. Suitable ... Read more



Give raised or pressed feel to particular design elements of ... Read more



Prevent boxes from moisture, sogginess, & biological contami ... Read more

Select Stock Type & Thickness

Stock Type


Gives the box a smooth texture for desired printing outcome & easy foldability.

Best For retail Packaging Boxes
Stock Type


Makes the box recyclable and tear-resistant

Best for Eco-Friendly Packaging
Stock Type


Bestows the box with high-end appearance & luxurious feel

Best for Gift Boxes and Premium Boxes
Stock Type


Provides extra robustness and structural strength to boxes

Best for Shipping Boxes