You agree to the following terms and conditions if you use our website or services, We encourage you to read our terms and conditions regularly so you stay updated as we can make changes in them without any prior notice.


Everything visible on our website is owned by us and is prohibited to be used without legal permission from us. 

Discretion over data shared by customers:

You will be responsible if any data shared by you creates any copyright issues or claims in future. We will not be liable for any content of our website which you feel offensive on unlawful. We will 1. Obey law 2. Abide by terms and conditions 3. Protect the rights of our customers. You confirm that your age is sufficient for any judicial proceedings if required. Our website is not to be used by bots or any other automated means and is only to be used human being. We have the right to ask any personal or business information if required. You agree to the terms and conditions along with privacy policy available on our website.

Limited indemnity or liability:

We will not be liable to any wrong-doings by our customers or products produced for them. You will compensate us if we face any loss due to above mentioned scenario and it includes any judicial expenses involved.

If any liability occurs on our behalf due to any reason, it will never exceed the amount of the order or services requested.

Orders and Payments:

We charge in U.S. Dollars and through on authentic payment gateway. After we receive a go-ahead from you on design and services, we’ll forward the job to our production department and will not be responsible if you ignore any detail or spelling mistakes in the final design sent to you for proof reading or approval.

If you decide to cancel the order, it is totally our discretion to manage refund amount if applicable, as we immediately send finalized design by you to our production facility.

Designing Services:

If our customers pay us only for any premium designing service, the amount is totally non-refundable and we are never liable to purchase special fonts for them required in the design. 

Sales Tax:

Clients need to pay taxes if required in their state for example, in Illinois. We’ll ask for tax exemption certificate in case of tax-exemption requested by you. 


We recommend our customers to send us their artwork if they want, in a high resolution format, and in a Adobe Photoshop (PSD) or Adobe Illustrator (Ai) format, if they want any changes in it. if you still want to proceed printing your artwork or design by ignoring the above, you’ll be totally responsible for the outcomes and we will have zero liability upon it.

We also have full rights to decline any order due to any inappropriate design or whatever the reason may be. We are not bound to inform you about the reason. 

Design Approval:

Turnaround time communicated, starts after the approval of design and its proofreading. The delays caused in approving the design and resulting in late production will be totally customer’s fault.

Color Limitations:

Production system has some limitations in some cases. Technical limitations are involved. We try our best to produce exact colored products and ask for pantone color codes for this purpose but are never liable for expected ink, density or color approved, but still print the closest color to the approved design. No reprints will be provided due to system limitations.

Printing Procedure:

It is our discretion to use any printing method as we find suitable for your order, according to our experience and exposure. We don’t use combination technique for printing mostly. Orders are shipped flat, preassembled etc. as we may find suitable according to the order.

Quantity and Delivery:

Extra amount of boxes delivered is free of charge and 5% less or more amount quantity may be delivered, as this is the general rule in packaging field. We are not liable for any theft or damages caused by shipment companies during the delivery of your order. Delay of shipping is also included in the above mentioned scenario.

We have production facilities in middle east as well and ship world-wide with the help of shipment companies. Additional charges will be applied if address or any information provided by you for order delivery in incorrect or if you are not available to pick of the order and someone else picks it, we’ll not be liable. We normally commit 10-12 days for shipment or 6-8 days for urgent shipment to be on the safe side but always try our best to ship as soon as possible.

Please contact us at In case you need any kind of support regarding terms and conditions and you can always call us on (484)-258-2355 for this purpose.