Now get your smell-proof Exotic Mylar Bags that preserve the shelf life of cannabis products by keeping them dehydrated at a discount of 35% today, with free design support from our expert design team.

We understand the importance of packaging that is smell-proof and is designed to keep the product dehydrated for your weed, marijuana, and other CBD products. That is why we offer Exotic Mylar Bags that not only retain the smell of the product but also restrain any crossing of air, moisture, or heat so that the product stays dehydrated and usable for longer. We have an unlimited range of sleek designs that will not only fit your brand’s vibe perfectly but will catch the attention of the target market successfully. Now you can get our top-notch quality Mylar Packaging Bags with stunning design range at 35% off and free shipping all over the US, UK, and Canada.

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A Brief Introduction to Exotic Mylar Bags

Cannabis products require a storage system that can be sealed perfectly to prevent spoilage from air, moisture, and heat. Because products like herbs, marijuana, and weed are sold in dehydrated form mainly to increase their longevity. So, the packaging of these cannabis products should also include a feature that completely preserves their dehydration. Therefore, our Exotic Mylar Bags are your best choice for not only elongating the shelf life but also for preserving the smell of the packaged herb. This packaging style is superior to your average can packaging with its resealable zip lock feature that also keeps the freshness of your product intact and gives it a child-resistant zipper feature. So, take your business to the next level with our specially designed exotic mylar bags.

Why Does Your Business Need Custom Exotic Weed Bags?

There are countless benefits of using custom exotic weed bags over your regular packaging and those include:

High Flexibility and Durability 

Exotic weed mylar bags cover two uncompromisable packaging features for brands. Number one is the level of durability. When it comes to mylar bags, you can leave all your worries behind that your product could get tempered or damaged by human or environmental factors. Because it is the ideal packaging for preserving products. The second one is the flexibility of mylar bags, which is a cherry on top. You can fit as much product as you want even in a small and compact package, without compromising on the product security. Therefore, mylar packaging has made it easy for businesses to prolong the freshness of products and give them maximum security. 

Exotic Weed Bags That Do Not Tear

Exotic weed bags can handle tear pretty well. It is almost impossible to rip or tear apart this packaging because they are designed with high-quality material that is tear-resistant. This aspect of our Mylar Packaging Bags increases the value of your product, which ultimately is beneficial for your business. 

Increase Shelf Life with Weed Mylar Bags

Weed Mylar Bags are designed with high oxygen and water-resistant layer that entirely blocks the penetration of all environmental factors to get in. In this way, rotting or spoilage of weed and other cannabis products is prevented leading to prolonged shelf life of the product. If you are introducing a product in the market that has the longest shelf life, then the customers would be inclined toward your product because they would see more value for their money.  

Save Your Money with Weed Packaging Bags 

Weed packaging bags are extremely beneficial for your business. Why? Well because they are not only produced with less material, which minimizes the production cost. But they also increase the longevity of the cannabis products and that ultimately prevents any loss to the business that can be caused if the product goes expired. 

Recyclable Weed Bags

Weed bags with zip-lock features have recyclable properties that enable consumers to recycle them over and over again. This way, you can also reduce the waste produced form your brand and attract an environmentally conscious market as well.

Why Choose Our Custom Mylar Weed Bags?

Insta Custom Boxes are the best custom mylar weed bags suppliers in the market. We are committed to providing you with the best services that you will not find anywhere else. Here’s a list of benefits and free services that you can get by placing your order with us:

Cool Design Range

We have a full range of cool and sleek designs that you can choose from. Our market expert design team helps you create a packaging design that perfectly meets the target audience. Now you can design custom weed bags that would instantly attract your target market and fit your brand image well.  

User-friendly Weed Bag Designs

We increase the market value of your product with our user-friendly weed bag designs. We have a range of add-on features that would make your weed bags more handy. Since the customer always loves easibility you can increase your product reach with our convenient and easy-to-use custom weed bags. You can also check our wide range of mylar bags that include Food Storage Mylar Bags, Die Cut Mylar Bags and many more.

Child-resistant Lock

Now you don't have to worry about children getting accidental access to cannabis products because we have an extraordinary child-resistant lock feature that keeps the product perfectly safe and out of children’s reach. 

Increased Shelf Life

Our mylar bags for weed are excellently designed with a moisture barrier layer that maximizes the shelf life of cannabis products by not only preventing moisture damage but also air damage, photodamage, and heat damage to the product. We provide premium quality mylar bags that make your product last and help you get ahead of your competitors. 

Major Discounts on Wholesale

To make our premium services accessible to all businesses small or large we are providing a major discount of 35% on all wholesale orders. So, avail this discount now on Mylar Bags Wholesale


We understand the struggles small businesses have to face when they are just starting out their business. In an industry where no one would take a small quantity of packaging orders, Insta Custom Boxes has a minimum order quantity of only 25 units. Now that is a service found nowhere else! 

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Auto Lock Box - Box Style

Auto Lock Box - Box Style

Pre-Glued Factory Assembled Bottom Boxes
  • 1. Do not require adhesive
  • 2. Self-Locking
  • 3. Best to hold retail products
  • 4. Convenience
Display Box - Box Style

Display Box - Box Style

Display Boxes - showcase products
  • Display the products on counter of shelves
  • Pack desired number of products/boxes.