Why Are Mailer Boxes Taking Over The Industry in the USA

Why Are Mailer Boxes Taking Over The Industry in the USA

As we get closer to the conclusion of the decade, it’s becoming clearer which packaging trends will last. Digital printing, bespoke packaging, simple designs, and ecological solutions are just a few examples. And, of all the many forms and sizes that packaging may take, the mailer box is the one that most accommodates these trends.

Easy-fold mailer boxes rule supreme year after year because of their highly adjustable designs. They’re digital printers’ darlings, the epitome of an ever-popular artisan style, and very sustainable in more ways than one. As the next decade progresses, it’s reasonable to predict that mailer boxes will continue to exist. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons behind this.

The days of initial contact being reserved for brick-and-mortar establishments are long gone. If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably reliant on third-party platforms for sales. Unfortunately, your brand identity does not necessarily take centre stage when customers buy your goods on Amazon or Etsy. Consequently, your packaging is often the first actual point of contact between your brand and the customer.

Mailer boxes create ripples when it comes to building memorable touchpoints. For starters, when they’re opened, they convert into magnificent display cases, giving them a “wow” effect and a very enticing unpacking experience.

Furthermore, mailer boxes provide extra real estate for your company due to the interlocking flap. Brands often use digital printing both inside and outside the packaging to reinforce their identity. You may also use the inside area to print fun extras like discount coupons, customised notes, and other treats.

Simply put, the mailer box’s unusual opening initiates a dialogue with the recipient. It progressively unveils your true identity, leaving a memorable first impression.

With their attractive display-case appearance, Mailer boxes allow you to wow your customers without breaking the budget. Unbleached kraft board, which is the most economical of the several materials used to create mailer boxes, is still one of the most popular.

Brands who seek to differentiate themselves from excessively shiny, mass-produced items appreciate this dressed-down approach. It’s a simple, natural aesthetic that accentuates the product’s high quality. Furthermore, the kraft board acts as a blank canvas for your printed business identification to stand out.

The attraction of a kraft board is, of course, dependent on the sort of packaging you choose. For example, on a shipping box, the application may seem more practical than design-driven. On the other hand, Mailer boxes have a pleasing look that complements the low-cost material.

Consumers are spending their money in more sustainable ways than ever before. Those who purchase their items from small firms and startups rather than large corporations often have the same characteristics as those who pay attention to packing. 100% recyclable packaging is seen as an additional value by these informed clients.

Indeed, environmentally friendly packaging isn’t limited to mailer boxes. Our shipping boxes, folding cartons, and rigid gift boxes are all entirely recyclable at Insta Custom Boxes. Beyond their recyclable construction, mailer boxes provide various ecological possibilities. For starters, their closures don’t always need the use of tape or other waste-producing adhesives. Furthermore, the robust construction of mailer boxes eliminates the need for additional packing materials such as Styrofoam and bubble wrap (the same goes for rigid gift boxes).