Get your hands on vacuum seal mylar bags to give your dry food goods preserved freshness, lasting taste, and long shelf life now at 35% off, with Insta Custom Boxes.

Looking for a packaging that will maximize the freshness and extend the shelf life of your fresh and dry food goods? Then Insta Custom Boxes has got you covered. We present the best solution to your problem and that is our vacuum seal mylar bags. Now you don't have to worry about your fresh food product getting rotten because we have exclusively crafted this mylar packaging bags to create the perfect vacuum resistant to air or moisture. With this high-quality storage solution, our packaging will help you gain customer loyalty. Moreover, you have the perfect opportunity to boost your business now at a major discount of 35%.

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Brief Introduction to Mylar Vacuum Seal Bags!

Fresh and dry food products require a special storage mechanism that has no air or moisture crossing. Mylar vacuum seal bags offer the perfect vacuum devoid of air and moisture, which ensures a long shelf life for the stored product. This Mylar Packaging Bags has revolutionized the food industry and has made fresh food more accessible and affordable for common people. So, if you want your product to keep its freshness intact with an extended life then vacuum mylar packaging is the ideal solution. 

Why are Vacuum Seal Mylar Bags the Best Packaging Solution for Your Business? 

Vacuum seal mylar bags are the best packaging solution for your business because of all the benefits they have to offer which include:

Tear Resistance

These Resealable mylar Bags packaging is tear resistant giving the stored dry food product complete protection against tampering and tear. These mylar bags with vacuum are created with thick layers that make sure the packaging does not tear or get damaged. Packaging that can withstand wear and tear pretty well, also performs well in long shipping and storage, portraying a good image of the brand. 

Excellent Barrier Properties

Built with exceptional barrier properties this vacuum mylar packaging is designed to create an obstacle between the product and the outside environment including moisture, light, or air. These environmental factors are responsible for the decay of food products. So, this packaging ensures a breach-resistant storage system. 

Extended Shelf Life

The main concern of food manufacturers is the shelf life of the product because a short shelf life can cause a major loss to the business. In this way, vacuum seal mylar packaging is a revolutionary packaging solution that creates an ultimate barrier to stop oxygen from entering the bag leading to an extended shelf life of the store food item. 

Good Brand Image

When it comes to the food business, customers look for quality and affordability. These are the two pivotal factors that can be achieved with vacuum mylar packaging. You can make the quality of your product last and make it more affordable for your customers with this packaging solution. This will make your product more desirable and will create a good brand image in the market.  

Customer Loyalty

Your customers will keep coming to your brand again and again if you have been successful in providing packaging that is durable, tear-resistant, and gives an extended shelf life to the product. When the customers are receiving quality and affordability, they become loyal to your brand. 

Business Boost

With all these amazing benefits that vacuum mylar packaging has to offer, your business is set to see a good boost. This mylar packaging is your secret weapon to success. So, get ahead of all your food competitors with our vaccum seal mylar packaging. 

Why is Insta Custom Boxes the Best Vacuum Seal Mylar Bags Supplier?

Insta Custom Boxes is your only reliable packaging supplier for vacuum seal mylar bags because:

High Durability Packaging

We use the highest quality packaging materials to create a packaging that is durable and can easily withstand all the wear and tear of long shipments. Our multilayered vacuum mylar packaging is your best solution to save your product from air, water, and light. 

Unlimited Customization Options

With our huge range of customization options, you can create packaging that is not only sturdy and protective but also attractive. Because the look of packaging holds a major role in attracting customers and making them try your product. So, we have an out-class design range that will help you gain maximum audience.

Pro tip: Now save your money on hefty graphic designers by availing of our free design support.

35% off on Bulk Orders

Are you on a tight budget but are still looking for a top-quality packaging solution? Then we have the perfect solution for you. Grab our vacuum seal mylar bags wholesale bundle to get a flat 35% off on your order right now!

Mylar Heat Seal Bags

Our mylar heat seal bags are set to make your product the highlight of the shelf. Because this packaging is microwave-friendly, it broadens the horizon of possibilities for your food business you can also check food storage mylar bags. Also, this extraordinary packaging will amplify your audience like never before. 

Expert Marketing Team

We have expert marketing strategists all set to make your packaging optimized for the market. It is crucial for retailers to follow the market trends if they want to drive sales. So, we have a team of experts that ensures our client packaging is meeting the market trends. 

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Auto Lock Box - Box Style

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Display Box - Box Style

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