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How To Add Aesthetics To Your Mailer Boxes With Spot UV?

The packaging sector is highly competitive. That is why its brands are always on their toes to introduce unique and innovative packaging. So, now you do not just have to work on the styles and shapes of your boxes. You get mailer boxes to satisfy all needs. Additionally, you need to consider making your Custom Mailer Boxes visually pleasing. But how do you make your mailer boxes unique? We’ve got its solution. You can customize your packages with intriguing spot UV.

What is Spot UV?

Spot UV is a standard finish technology that applies a high-gloss UV-cured finish to Mailer Boxes With Inserts by curing a varnish on printed material using ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This spot UV printing technique provides an extra layer of protection to the printed goods and produces bright, shining "spots" where it is intended.

Spot UV is a great method to add additional appeal to your mailings. It's a printing method that highlights specific parts of your envelope with a unique varnish. Several effects may be produced using this, including:

How Can Spot UV Make Your Cardboard Mailer Boxes Enticing?

Unquestionably, unique Custom Mailer Boxes are crucial in attracting clients and increasing revenue. These personalized packaging protect the packaged goods from harm. Moreover, it helps consumers to reinforce your brand identity in the market.

Personalized mailer boxes are an excellent packing option for various business goods. For this reason, besides being unique, these boxes must be safe and uniquely personalized. 

Spot UV can make your mailers more gorgeous by applying a glossy sheen to specific sections of your boxes. It is best to make your logo, tagline, and brand name enticing.

Furthermore, it adds texture to these sections, making them glow and attention-grabbing. Also, it will give your mailer packaging prints a putting together a three-dimensional effect.

Benefits of Having Spot UV for Custom Mailer Boxes 

You can use Spot UV methods to get people's attention directly to the desired section of your Shipping Mailer Boxes without saying a word. So, you can highlight important details on your mailer packaging like brand logo, contact information, or call to action. It can also create more visually appealing boxes that stand out.

You can leverage the following benefits with Spot UV for your mailers:

  1. Make Your  Mailers More Attractive
  2. Add The Finest Quality To Your Mailers
  3. Make Your Boxes Stand Out From The Crowd
  4. Get Your Packaging Unforgettable
  5. Make A Lasting Impression

Therefore, Spot UV is an excellent option for all the above reasons. So, if you want a unique opportunity to make your mailers more enticing, give Spot UV a go. The versatility of these methods creates multiple creative effects on your mailers. It will give your mailers an exclusive appearance and help people recall your brand quickly.

Tips To Make an Artistic Use Of Spot UV

You can use the following tips to use spot UV on your mailers artistically:

  • Apply it wisely

Avoid excessive or complete use of Spot UV on your Corrugated Mailer Boxes. Be wise and use it as a premium to specific sections. Otherwise, your mailers will lose their charm and fail to inspire customers. Additionally, it will give a cluttered appearance.

  • Use It To Draw Attention To Essential Details

Use spot UV for more than simply aesthetics. Make use of it to highlight the most crucial details on your mailing.

  • Apply it to provide a contrast

Spot UV functions best when applied to your Mailer Packaging Boxes in contrast to other elements. Spot UV is a useful tool that may be used in both light and dark backgrounds.

  • Establish a hierarchy using it.

Utilize spot UV to arrange the content on your mailer orderly. To distinguish your logo from other parts of the text, for instance, you may apply spot UV on it.

The Best Use of Mailer Packaging Boxes Adorn With Spot UV

You have learned a lot about the use of spot UV for custom mailer boxes. However, where can brands use these exotic boxes with an enticing appeal? Let us tell you!

  • High-end jewelry boxes with a glossy shine on their logo and contact details
  • Skincare brands to launch new skincare products 
  • Luxury cosmetics for PR packages in these textured boxes 
  • Software houses that launch new apps
  • High-end electronic gadget manufacturers

And many more!


The scope of the creativity of spot UV is infinite. So, you can use these custom mailer boxes to make your mailers more enticing. Your brands capture buyers' attention instantly with premium mailer boxes with spot UV printing.