Trends of Custom Packaging in 2020

Covid hit our planet and changed almost everything this year.
Like every field, enormous trends were observed in packaging.

These ups and downs include:

Less is more

Homosapiens are now aware of the fact that minimalism leads to happiness and satisfaction. Tidy, simple and neat designs have come into play.

Online Businesses

E-commerce in on its peak as it is risky to go outside to buy anything. This has given a chance to online businesses to prove themselves and gain a position in people's minds. Branding has become a primary requirement for businesses and custom packaging specifically. Custom boxes are most helpful in accomplishing this goal!

Environment Friendly Packaging

It is our moral responsibility to keep our environment neat, clean and green. Therefore, we have shifted to eco-packaging along with the rest of the world to keep our planet safe. Recyclable  cardboard, kraft boxes and corrugated boxes facilitate our customer for this purpose and to get rid of plastic.

Color Schemes in 2020

Shades and gradients are quite trendy nowadays. If your product's packaging is lustrous and eye catching, half of the job is done! . We have introduced holographic boxes for this purpose, which can prove unique for your brand as well. Black & White and vintage designs should also be considered.

So hurry up! What are you waiting for?

Let's get the ball rolling 🙂