Soap Sleeve Box

Soap Sleeve boxes are in a sleeve box style, produced regularly by us. They are in a match box style and a ribbon can be also added at their end to perform as a tail for taking the sleeve out. It is a very unique and attractive packaging concept for your premium quality soaps.


    Product Specs


    Copper Foil

    We can provide copper foiling on a surface.


    Descended pattern can be applied on a surface.


    Ascended pattern can be applied on a surface.

    Glossy Lamination

    We can apply Glossy lamination.

    Spot UV

    We can provide Spot UV according to your design.

    Gold Foil

    We can applied gold foiling on a surface.

    Matte Lamination

    We can apply matte lamination.

    Silver Foil

    We can provide silver foiling on a product.