Custom Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes

Custom magnetic closure rigid boxes are produced by us with the best quality magnets to open and close the box with ease. We provide a wide range of packaging solutions and options with them like single or multi-point hold openings and closings. Matte or glossy finishing can be applied on these boxes to make them look prettier.

custom magnetic closure rigid boxes

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    An absolute stunner of all custom rigid boxes are these exclusively made Custom Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes manufactured by Insta Custom Boxes. The unique ideas always win over hearts of the customers. Apart from expanding product lines in each product category a brand offers, the question about how to look distinctive through product specification to product packaging is one of the core aspects of product development. We proudly take care of the latter part of this question. At Insta Custom Boxes, you get the best of custom packaging solutions which help you stand out in the market. These custom magnetic closure rigid boxes are yet another variant in our exclusive range of luxurious custom rigid boxes. Imagine the delight of your happy customer when they open up the custom packaging of your branded wrist watches, premium jewelry items, care products or beauty product in these magnetic closure boxes. The ease of handling these custom boxes is just one of the perks your customers will enjoy when they receive their favorite products packed inside these beauties. Other attributes include solid, sturdy nature of the box, fine smooth texture of the outside packaging and most importantly these boxes are reusable hence make the customer experience memorable for a long time. You can get one or multiple magnetic closure points, along with foldable and collapsible options. Place your order now and enjoy free home delivery on each order of custom boxes with us.

    Custom Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes Product Specs

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    Custom Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes