Custom Luxury gold foil rigid boxes

We can make custom luxury gold foiled rigid boxes and can provide you with gold foiling on the inside and outside or any side of the box. You can also opt for other types of foiling like copper, metal, holography or silver foiling instead of gold foiling, as you’d like for your boxes. The end results will be high quality boxes with perfect shape and sturdiness.

custom luxury gold foil rigid boxes

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    Our custom luxury gold foil rigid boxes are absolutely exceptional piece of packaging art. These shimmery gleaming custom rigid boxes are pure love. As we all know that special occasions call for special surprises and special gifts call for exclusively unique special presentation. Make your life moments last forever by making fun filled heartwarming memories. Do something extraordinary unique for your customers as a brand and become their favorite brand forever. As a loved one just knit your feelings, care and emotions with deep attention towards custom packaging that makes your moments and gifts much more precious. At Insta Custom Boxes, we have a special place for creativity, imagination and inspiration. We make the kind of luxurious custom boxes that give your customers an experience of a lifetime. Get your hands on these custom luxury gold foil rigid boxes and up the position of your products into luxurious premium category.  After fine tuning the boxes with lamination, foiling and custom printing, your end product looks absolutely stunning. These custom boxes are luxurious inside out. Get custom printing done to display your logo or custom labels, personalized message and make these custom boxes as personalized as you wish. Just hit the chat button to share your requirements with us or head over to request a quote for placing an order now.

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    Custom Luxury Gold Foil Rigid Boxes