Custom Kraft Mailer Boxes with Dividers

Custom kraft mailer boxes with dividers or inserts by us are quite sturdy and strong to hold your products. Inserts, dividers, separators are made by us in any design you’d like them to be and in any packaging material you need in them that suits the best for your products. Kindly contact us for a free consultation.

custom kraft mailer boxes with inserts

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    If you are looking for the flawless custom kraft mailer boxes with dividers then you are at the right place to get them the way you want. We provide topnotch custom mailer boxes with dividers suitable for all types of products, from high end products to small intricate ones. Dividers play the key role in making compartments of the boxes so as to put in a number of items together without getting them mixed up. Each item reside separately and safely inside its position and the customers experience a nice pleasant unboxing with absolute ease and comfort. Custom kraft mailer boxes are ideal for the products which come up in the form of assortments. From food to tobacco, and from beauty care products to personal care items, there are so many assortments which require meticulous packaging. With the help of compartments, the assortments are displayed nicely and professionally. You can get custom kraft mailer boxes with dividers for the packaging of branded chocolates, cookies, macrons, cosmetic items, cigarettes or any other products. Mailer boxes provide utmost protection of the products. We use dividers as per exact measurement requirement of the compartment size so that the product items fit in nicely. Kraft mailer boxes are environment friendly due to the kraft paper material used in manufacturing. The die cut dividers are extremely sleek and look very attractive. The material used for making dividers is totally up to your choice. Beautiful custom printing is done on the mailer boxes to make them branded. Insta Custom Boxes offers various free add ons. We offer free artwork, no die cutting charges, and free home delivery across the USA.

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