Custom Headphone mailer boxes

Our custom headphone mailer boxes are known for their sturdiness and great quality of printing on them. Earbuds, headphones, headsets, headgear and IEMs can be put into them to protect them from breaking along with your branding and your artwork on them to deliver the message of your business and to grab position in your customer’s minds for your company products. These custom headphone mailer boxes are also good for Walkman.

Custom wholesale cosmetic mailer box with insert

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    Custom headphone mailer boxes are made for both light and heavy headphones, regular headphones and gaming headphones. Your audio devices have a chance to stand apart from the competitors devices through unique customized appealing packaging. Insta Custom Boxes designs such impactful headphone mailer boxes which provide effective marketing solution for headphone brands. As the potential customers of these headphones possess specific demographic traits, so our marketing research emphasize on proving the branding solution for headphones as specific as possible. Therefore, these headphone boxes come in a variety of funky styles with vibrant lively colors. Solid customized dividers are used to partition the boxes so as to fit in the accessories and parts of headphones safely within their places. Electronic devices manufacturers understand why it is important to give a funky look to a gadget like a headphone. Not just that, but it is critically important that the packaging must be sturdy so that the costly branded headphones remain intact throughout the delivery and moving process. Insta Custom Boxes offers perfect packaging solution for all type of electronic gadgets and devices in order to help the brands establish their unique brand identity. We offer most economic market rate whereas the quality of packaging is absolutely matchless. Place your order with us and enjoy free delivery of mailer boxes within 7-10 working days.

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    Custom Headphone mailer boxes