Custom E-Liquid Corrugated Shipping insert box

It is a pleasure to let you know that we produce all kinds of custom e-liquid corrugated shipping boxes with inserts for your e-liquid products. The best thing is that, you can choose Corrugated Flutes of your choice to match your requirements and to keep the costs just according to your budget.

Custom E-Liquid Corrugated Shipping insert box

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    Get some cool and ultra-modern packaging for your e-liquid products with our custom E-liquid corrugated shipping insert boxes. You do not want to risk the spillage of your precious E-liquid neither can afford the potential threat of breaking down of bottles. Therefore, you have to choose the safest packaging option in order to protect the E-liquids as well as to display some remarkable branding of your company. E-liquid corrugated shipping insert boxes answer to this problem very effectively. Insta Custom Boxes makes some outstanding designs for e-liquid brands providing superior quality of material and attractiveness in design all in one go. Corrugated material is ideal for shipment purposes of fragile products, therefore we use them for E-liquids. Inserts provide an additional layer of protection as well as, provide compartments for the assortments of E-liquids. The boxes are rock solid, convenient, durable, and easy to assemble. Some creative artwork in printing along with stylish die cutting adds to the overall look of the boxes. Fine quality lamination is used to provide our customers with topnotch finishing. You may go for embossing or engraving options, silver and gold foiling as per your choice. There are plenty of customization options available and our team of expert designers helps you through the process of choosing the best possible option for your products. Insta Custom Boxes helps your E-liquid brand stand out from your competitors by improving brand image through extremely chic branded packaging. Just share your requirement of size, style, and color preferences with us and we will get back to you with the most reasonable offer. Feel free to connect with us if require further information.

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    Custom E-Liquid Corrugated Shipping Insert Box