Custom Corrugated Boxes with Insert

Custom corrugated boxes with inserts are made by us to put more than one bakery products in them and to prevent them from spoiling. Inserts, separators and dividers can be customized to suit your product’s requirements. Corrugated boxes by us are sturdy and strong enough to hold any weight put in them and the inserts can be made with any material like cardboard, corrugated stock or foam material to fulfill any packaging needs.

custom corrugated boxes with insert

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    Custom corrugated boxes with insert popular because of the fact that the corrugated cardboard sheets are made of a paper pulp material. Therefore they are 100% recyclable. Corrugated boxes are manufactured using layers of sheets which makes them highly strong. Even then the interesting thing is that they are still light weight. They are more robust than cardboard boxes and a perfect choice for shipping purposes too. Now a days, most of the brands are using corrugated boxes to pack fragile products. Custom corrugated boxes with insert are used for the packaging of assortment of items and the products with accessories or parts. Use of inserts and dividers makes them highly flexible according to the packaging requirements. These rock solid boxes reflect how much the sellers care about the safety of products. The brands get recognized among the crowd when they put in extra effort in the packaging. Insta Custom Boxes manufactures custom corrugated boxes with insert for a wide range of packaging use by the various vendors / suppliers. These boxes happen to be a perfect choice for packing various food products, stationery, and textiles, and even many high end products, no matter their size and shape. As the corrugated boxes are made wooden chips or wooden pulp, the help saving the environment from harmful toxic packaging material. Nowadays, eco-friendly packaging is in demand, and the best thing is that these boxes can be reused and recycled. Flexo, lithography, and digital printing options are commonly used to make these boxes visually appealing.

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    custom corrugated boxes with insert