Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

Custom chinese takeout boxes by us are meant to hold your chopsticks, oysters, and to deliver your Chinese food to your customers or are used at takeaways. They can be also used as disposable food containers. We also make custom boxes for Thai or Korean food.

custom Chinese takeout boxes

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    As the continental cuisines have become highly popular among foodies during past couple of decades, the number of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai restaurants is ever increasing to facilitate them. Among myriads of options, Chinese food happen to be one of the most favorites in US owing to their less calories count and slightly pungent flavor. People love to dine in Chinese restaurants or simply order their favorite Chinese food online. Custom Chinese takeout boxes manufactured by Insta Custom Boxes are reliable for the packaging of Chinese food safely and hygienically. The design of our custom Chinese takeout boxes is associated with Chinese cuisine and have an eye catching origami-inspired design. They hold seemingly bottomless amount of food and keep it warm for infinite amount of time. You can package Chinese rice, noodles, soups, gravies, chopsticks, salads and sauces without worrying for spillage or getting the food stale. Custom printing done on these boxes make them more appealing, helps winning customer loyalty and makes your brand standout among the myriads of Chinese food outlets in your town. We require no minimum order quantity but there are special discount packages for bulk orders. Just hit the custom quote button, share your specific requirements and place your order now to enjoy free home delivery.

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    Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes