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We manufacture custom cardboard mailer boxes to give them a look of a mailer box that is usually in corrugated material, but by choosing our custom cardboard mailer box, you can keep the same style but can save a lot of expense on packaging by going for cardboard material that is more economical than flutes.

custom cardboard mailer boxes

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    Custom Cardboard Mailer boxes are lightweight and used for retail packaging and many other purposes in daily life. They make it easy to transport goods and fragile products as the products are packed efficiently and safely inside. The best thing about cardboard boxes is that these boxes can be customized in different shapes and sizes and help with branding and marketing. Custom Cardboard Mailer boxes preserve your precious items inside.  They protect products regardless of their size .i.e. big or small. Insta custom boxes provides cardboard boxes to keep your precious items or products from potential damage. Products are prone to mishandling mostly when they are shipped to distant locations. Insta custom boxes frees you from this worrisome situation by offering such solid cardboard boxes which can be used for any type of product shipment. Many products require extra care and protection.  Moreover, it is of paramount importance for brands to make use of custom packaging for their products.  It is essential for the brands to deliver their products safely and securely. Our custom cardboard mailer boxes are making use of fence partitions inside the boxes. This arrangement can easily protect the glass products or such fragile items prone to damage. Our cardboard boxes ensure freedom from breakage of your products.  They are designed to withstand environmental shocks as such issues occur frequently as a part of shipping process, transportation and manhandling. We have designed our custom cardboard mailer boxes to prevent the impacts of all such mishaps that can damage the products during shipment. Contact the experts at Insta Custom Boxes and share your requirements in size and style. We have large options to offer in designing and printing of custom packaging.

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